To enable and encourage regular attenders to exalt and magnify God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, through expressing their love and devotion to him through, for example, song, music, prayer, drama, dance and Holy Spirit-inspired preaching of the Word of God, the Bible.

Team Leaders - Sandra Nicolson & Heather Gordon



To put hands and feet on to our Christian commitment by reaching out to members and non-members in practical ways with the love of God.

Team Leaders -  May Anne Taylor



To encourage members to develop Christian relationships with each other. Enabling them to feel part of the family of God that offers support to its members.

Team Leaders - Janet & Ken Hoskins



To reach out to people in the parish and community who do not attend church, seeking to evangelise them and showing them that they are important to God, and to us, thus drawing them into the periphery of the fellowship.

Team Leaders - Christine MacLeod & Karen Creswell



To build up members in their faith through Bible study, prayer and service thus increasing their commitment. Teaching them Christian principles to live by thus giving them a foundation for their lives, and encouraging them to become stable, mature members of the congregation.

Team Leaders - Linda Urquhart & Sheila Main


If you feel you have a particular talent or gift that would benefit any of the teams, please let us know, we would love you to hear from you.


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